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  • The book for Comic Book Club Vol 1 has been decided by YOU. The book we will be reading is Batman: Court of Owls. Our Book Club episode will air on July 16th

  • There will be no formal episode next week. Instead, next week’s episode will come on Wednesday (July 3rd) and will be a Spider Man: Far From Home Spoilercast!

What we’re reading

Andrew: The Fix Vol.3 & Thief of Thieves John: The Dark Age (FCBD)

Let’s Chat About…

Wish lists! As you find out about new books you add them to your wish list. We go through what's sitting in ours, what they're about and why we added them.


New Sales - Comixology

Kodansha Long Summer Reading Sale (Including Initial D) - Ends July 1st

DC Justice League Sale - Ends July 1st

Elephantmen Sale - Ends July 1st

Oni Pride Sale - Ends July 1st

Warlord of Mars/Mars Attacks Sale - Ends July 7th

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Sale - Ends July 7th

Transformers/Ghostbusters Sale - Ends July 8th

Spider-Man vs Mysterio Sale - Ends July 12th

Massive Spider-Man Collections Sale - Ends July 15th

Action Lab's Super Summer Sale - Ends July 21st

Ongoing Sales from Last Week’s Episode

Boom! Pride Sale - Ends June 30th

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