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What a beautiful week for comic books! This week we are joined by friend of the show, Managing Editor of OKBeast - ALEX VAN AKEN has joined us on the podcast.

What we’re reading

Andrew: Batman: The Last Knight On Earth - Book One, Godzilla: Half Century War, Swamp Thing (TV Show)

John: Batman: The Last Knight On Earth - Book One

Alex: Mister Miracle

Let’s Chat About…

What exactly makes a comic book "GOOD"? What is it about a book that grabs your attention? Cover? Artist? Writer? Story?


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X-Men Sagas Sale - Ends June 14th

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Eric Bartolotta‏ (@Playalotta) says: In a reverse of your main topic last week, what’s a media property that you’d like to see made into a comic series?

Recommendation of the week

Andrew: All New X-Men Vol. 1

John: Batman: The Last Knight On Earth - Book One

Alex: Middlewest Vol. 1 & Mister Miracle

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