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Andrew: Star Trek Vol .1, The End League

John: Ultimate Spider-Man #49 & #50, Interceptor #1 (FCBD) & TMNT Vol. 8

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Comic Book Adaptations - The Good / The Bad / The UNWATCHABLE


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Alex Van Aken @itsVanAken says: question for the show: if you could only read comics published by one single publisher for the rest of time, which would it be?

Robert J. Sheridan (@CrashSheridan) says: How do you feel this current comic book era compares with previous eras? As someone who’s been reading comics since the late ‘70s, I feel like this is a new golden age. So many great comics being published right now!

Recommendation of the week

Andrew: Invincible Vol. 1

John: TMNT Vol. 1 (Issue #1 is currently free)

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